Men’s Health – Erectile Disfunction

I went on the train the other day…..a loooong trip on the train LOL. It was a bit daunting because as a lot of you know…there’s no clear route…you have to go backward quite often to go forward LOL. Then there’s all the train track swaps. And as for trying to check the million and one boards at Liverpool street to try and find the final destination! LOL what a nightmare!

So I made sure I well and truly studied all the train maps…downloaded some onto my phone…took a device I could make sure I always had internet where ever! I love the trainline site for checking train times.

Normally when I go its been with someone else and its normally its them saying go here get on there etc etc but I was on my own this time (except for my lil doggie…in her bag…that broke under half way there!:-( nightmare! for a little doggie…she ended up very heavy he he )….but did it with flying colours…was really proud of myself!

When I was standing on one of the underground platforms I saw a billboard with info about men’s health…. Erectile disfunction so I took a photo so I could let any of you know who would be interested …enlarge the pic attatched to this post for more info.