Its great fun doing role play scenarios. I can be whatever you like! I have lots of different outfits and can dress how you want me to for the scenario you want.


Its always best to keep it simple  when giving me your instructions….how does the saying go KISS…. keep it simple….stupid.  Meaning its always best to give me bullet points of the different sections of role play. You can always give me an embellished version too but if you only give me an embellished version…I probably won’t be able to remember it! LOL. Once you’ve given me bullet points of each section….its so much easier for me to remember it and try to remember the rest of it.


I had a role play today with just an embellished version to go by….I found it very hard to remember it and therefore was worrying I wasn’t going to give my client a very good time apart from just spending most of my time focusing on trying to remember it rather than giving him a good time. Luckily it all worked out really well but I would prefer to have confidently had it clear in my head so all I had left to do was just concentrate on doing it well.


I have done loads of different scenarios from being a Head Mistress and my client being a school boy, to being a house wife and catching my workman/client going through my lingerie draw. Being a school girl who was being reprimanded by the head master. Being a mothers best friend and seducing her son! There’s loads &  loads more….. I can’t remember LOL


The scenario today was me being a nurse seeing a patient for headaches, hypnotising him to have my wicked way with him…undressing him item by item…examining every part of his body ready to worship me any way I wished. Then onto the bed…. tying him to it, giving him a prostate massage then very slowly wanking him off……


What’s your fantasy


Pami xxx