Your new best friend now you’ve ventured into the world of escorts is…..condoms. You should value your health above all other things because any of us who are getting older know…if you don’t have your have nothing! If it wasn’t for condoms….the option of sex with an escort wouldn’t be possible without risking your health every time.


Most fellas don’t have a problem with condoms and get straight into enjoying what they are doing, having no problem with performing enjoying and coming.


But there are some fellas who don’t like condoms because they think they can’t feel as much but the only thing stopping them feeling is their brain. (Like the saying goes…if you think you’re going to fall…you will!)This is because if their brain is thinking I don’t like condoms…their cock goes soft and then they don’t feel anything. The cock needs to be hard to feel any sensation. I’ve seen it happen loads of times…a fella is hard, I put the condom on and he goes soft. We haven’t done anything…no sensations to be felt …hence its the brain making the cock go soft thinking I don’t like condoms instead of (carrying on) thinking excited thoughts. But to enjoy the world of escorts and stay completely safe…  mastering enjoying it with a condoms is essential.


The trick is to think of condoms like suspenders or anything else sexy that triggers the excited thought of what’s about to happen…see it as….. see condom….feel excited because you know you’re about to have sex….hence keeping your cock lovely and hard and feeling every sensation. Trick your mind to trick your cock to get what you want and once you realise its still going to feel good…it will become easy. 


Obviously it will be a slightly different sensation but its no different to a fella playing with a woman’s pussy from the outside of her knickers…it still feels good! And don’t forget….there is a condom between our pussy and your cock…same difference only its attached to your cock…not our pussy’s. If you have precum in the condom, the condom will move back and forth on your skin also, but if its really tight then you will also get lots of sensation too.


Guys who come too quickly have the same sort of problem but in reverse….they are so conscious brain wise they are going to come too quickly (brain operating cock again) that it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. To stop from coming too quickly I think a lot of fellas just think of something boring for a few mins to slow it down. If you have different techniques…please let me know.


There are some guys who don’t like to do anything without a condom because they know it totally protects them from catching ANYTHING hence no worries what so ever once all the fun is over! Obviously this is the more extreme but there are fellas in the world like my dad who was too scared to EVER have sex with anyone else other than my mum because he had had the fear of god put into him when he was a very young man.. hence was PETRIFIED he would catch something if he went with anyone else.


I hope you find this interesting!


Pami xxx