There are a lot of fellas who think it would be a failing on their part if they had to pay for sex but as the clever fellas realise ….its a very clever thing to do!

If you are a married man..why would you want to have all the aggravation of having an affair with another female, doing the balancing act of keeping her mentally happy and at arms length because all you want is sex and certainly don’t want to turn you life upside down and leave your wife! Very hard to make her not text or call while you are with your partner….always on edge of what may happen next!

Wouldn’t it be much easier just coming to see a escort? You get what you want when you want! No balancing act, no unwanted communication ….panicking that your wife might suss you got an unexplained text or call!

The clever man realises that seeing an escort is a straight forward transaction…you get what you want when you want with who you want obviously within the confines of who is advertising. But nowadays there are so many escorts available….there is loooooads of choice! We are your chocolate box of escorts! No headaches…just nice and simple sex sex sex…no wining and dining (unless of course you want a dinner date booking)….no my wife doesn’t understand me chat LOL…no excuses…it doesn’t matter, as long as you pay the correct amount the escort s asking….total guilt free sex! (in as much as not conning sex out of the female…its 2 consenting adults both getting what they want from the liason)

We are the perfect solution. There all sorts of reasons fellas choose the option to see an escort starting from young fellas to get a bit of experience, fellas on a stag do! Any fella between relationships…fellas who have had their heart broken too much and don’t want to get with a partner but crave a bit of female attention and sex. Fellas who’s wives for whatever reason can’t or wont have sex…maybe pregnancy, tired with young kids or surgery may be stopping them from having sex. A lot of wives end up at a certain age or stage in a marriage end up saying that’s it no more sex! Obviously some couples end up not fancying each other that way anymore….plus many more reasons like a wife may have health issues. And then there are loooooads of fellas who have been widowed and are very lonely! I have a lot of fellas come and see me who are in this position bless them.

So at the end of the day …..if you are a fella…why wouldn’t you?

Plus the other thing is you can get to spend time with and have sex with females you would never have ever had a chance to in the normal course of life! Your dream girl! And also….have the most amazing sex that you always wanted but never got from your partner….man heaven!!

Hopefully I can be YOUR dream girl!! And make your sexual fantasies come true!!


Pami xx