There’s no denying its very sexy a man wearing a nice smelling after shave! Especially even an expensive one! It really turns me on… I love love looooveee it! Sometimes I can guess which one it is and sometimes I learn a new one.


I really appreciate my clients having a shower before they see me and its such a shame if they have gone to all that trouble and they put on an aftershave that’s off….eeeek. I wouldn’t say anything as I wouldn’t want to hurt their feelings… a fella who saw me recently. But the smell of aftershave that’s off smells awful LOL. Sort of a rancid smell? So it has the opposite effect!!But the thought was there I know.


(Obviously some fellas are at work and can’t manage to get a shower before seeing me ….that’s ok I understand that. If needbe …worst ways I have a shower here. But apart from that I wipe all the important bits so it doesn’t matter. When you come to see me you get totally pampered. I do the worrying so you don’t have to.)


So guys ….you need to check your aftershave. If its a cheaper one generally they go off quicker than the expensive ones. The expensive ones can last for years…if not forever! An aftershave (and perfume) that’s off has a very distinct smell…but a rule of thumb is if it smells weird…then its probably off!


I used to have a client see me for…. (now that would be really telling LOL) who used to use my bathroom before and after putting shed loads of aftershave on each time that was definitely off!! Oh it used to turn my stomach….it was sooooo strong!! Luckily I haven’t seen him for a long time now he he.


The other thing about wearing aftershave is that it drowns out any smells of perfume killing any tell tale signs. Trouble is if you don’t normally wear after shave…its a bit of a give away that you’re up to something nawty LOL


Pami xxx