When I first started doing escorting…I worked for other people but I very quickly learnt that a lot of places don’t do it right…they don’t have nice furnishings, not the right lighting, no music to set the mood, some places didn’t have clean towels (no washing machine on location) or clean bedding etc etc etc.

There were a few places I worked that were nice and I picked up tips from them for working on my own. The first lady I worked for (Madam Vanessa) had a lovely place for us to work at, it was so friendly it felt like a second home! When I worked there I did all my first learning and decided that selling sex doesn’t have to be sleezy.

A sauna I worked at in Bristol was owned by a fella who had it really nicely kitted out. He was very particular about how the place was kept and got us all to religiously do things like wash and dry the towels then roll them nicely for each room, change the bedding, sweep up and wash the floors etc etc. So it was from there I picked up the tip about rolling my towels.

I worked at this lovely bungalow set in a massive rolling landscaped gardens that was kept immaculate. But in the bedrooms where we worked it was all very old fashioned, the curtains were open with only daylight, no low lighting to set the mood, no music, it was awful! And they used to charge a pretty penny!

So hence I decided to work for myself because then I could have the right lighting, the right music, lovely clean towels and bedding. Sexy pictures, DVD’s (if I’m not enough for you LOL) and anything else to set the scene right for us to have some sexy fun and get you into the zone and let me take you to another dimension!

This pic is of one of my previous rooms. Each time I create a room…I like to improve.