I am a high class escort with a low class price tag!

When you come and see me its not just about a one dimensional service of sex, I put my all into it with it quite often being a work of art because as my dad said to me when I was little ‘if a jobs worth doing…its worth doing well!’ Don’t think he was talking about it in this context tho LOL. Not many clients realise how much effort I put in but I did have a client clock it one time saying to me, about it being a work of art!

As you may have read in my previous post…there is all the preparation to start off with like music, lighting creating the whole ambiance, I like to make sure you have everything you could need like all the little touches…a hanger for your coat, a place to put your clothes (not on the floor LOL) and of course a lovely clean bed!

and then there’s what I will do to you… I like to make sure I involve all your senses to give you an amazing experience. I like to make you feel totally relaxed, take control to give you a fabulous time and make sure you have a bit of everything that you have requested timed to perfection. Or act out any requests/extra services.

When you come into my room and we relax on my bed….we slip into another dimension! I didn’t realise how much so it until a couple of months ago when a regular client of mine had come for an hour, he was enjoying some of my seriously mind blowing sucking of his cock when unfortunately a delivery man rang my bell (door bell that is LOL). OMG it was like glass shattering! We WERE in a completely different zone! He’s the type of guy who is totally understanding but the delivery man picked totally the wrong time …we both suddenly knew we were in a different dimension…talk about being brought back down to earth! Luckily its a rare occurrence of one turning up in the middle of me seeing someone. I quickly slipped into my ‘quick put on dress’, got my package and got back in the room where I left off…back to the magical sexual dimension and took him the rest of the way!

Of course he’s been back again for some more of my Pami magic. It still amazes me of how much of another dimension we slip into while we are in the room…especially now I’m aware of it…it truly is hypnotic…..magical!