Hi guys


I’m so sad to say…I think my 85yo has died. He normally sees me once a month. He used to come by train but then we worked out a deal where I picked him up. He normally texted me a couple of days before just to say he was looking forward to seeing me. I was supposed to see him February last  but I didn’t hear anything from him. I knew he was having trouble with his phone so I still went to pick him up from the arranged place but he didn’t show.

Its now 3 months on and still nothing so I have to assume that’s it! That’s the trouble in this business…we never get to know for sure. I knew where he lived so I did think about knocking on his door and saying I was 1 of his friends daughters but then thought better of it because I had given him so naughty pics of me for his birthday which would have been found by now if the worst has happened LOL…so that wasn’t an option he he.

Aw…I’m going to miss him! I’ve been seeing him regularly now for oooo….OMG 8 years!! Bye bye honey…god bless!