Hi my lovely website readers!


How have you been with this lock down? I think we’ve all found it hard…well most of us. Lucky are you if you have a guaranteed income and can just treat it as a holiday!

I’m normally very good a making a positive out of a negative but I must admit I’ve found it very hard. Moreso because it totally interrupted what I was striving to do! And not only that…has sent me backwards!!! grrrr Plus not being able to see my sexy horny clients of course!!

The 1st so many weeks were the hardest but once I got used to it…I just got on with the endless list of jobs I’ve gotta get done!

Luckily I had lots of lovely regular clients who would give me a buzz now and then to see how I was. Plus lots of other good friends. Another friend/client and I would text each week to keep each others spirits up. I hope all of you have had the same luxury and not been isolated and feeling really down.

Its soooooo good now we are starting to come out of it! Yay and now we can get to see our close friends and have BBQ’s etc. And for you horny fellas…you can now get some Pami loving! Yay