The same with most females as with males…we all want the biggest…biggest cock…biggest breasts LOL but its better to have either of the perfect size in as much as big enough but not too big! As the saying goes for tits…more than a handful’s a waste!

Before I was an escort I had a much slimmer body verging on skinny. So naturally my breasts were a lot smaller. Becoming an escort made me feel the urge to have bigger tits! I did think about having them enhanced but in doing this work its a lot less exercise and more eating….so as I ate and put on weight…so did my tits get bigger! But that’s the only problem…having bigger tits also equals more weight on the body. Loose the weight and the tits get smaller…us females can’t win!! So its a balancing act of eating enough but not too much. That’s why a lot of females choose to have them enhanced…because it means they can keep the slim figure but still have large tits!

What kind of fella are you? Do you prefer natural or fake or not bothered? I think most men have a particular preference…that’s true of the fellas I have spoken to. Obviously the ones who like fake tits wouldn’t come to see me so I don’t know how they feel. I don’t know if there are many men who aren’t bothered either way…maybe the ones who have a different favourite part of the body. A lot of fellas who like natural breasts say the fake ones are too hard and too ridged. I think maybe the ladyboys are the ones who have the best fake breasts more so because they know how a fella would like them. I personally from a females point of view have seen some women with really nice fake tits but I have also seen some with ones that look so good.

I feel I am very lucky to have the tits I have, helped by right from as soon as they started to grow I made sure I bought low cut bras with underwire to hold and train my tits into a nice shape. Back then we didn’t have the same choice as we have now with bras. I hated the full bras because it felt like they were cutting in and pulling my breasts down. And we definitely weren’t lucky enough to have the padded bras that are around now.

As you have gathered by now reading this blog so far ….my breasts are 100% real. So I have decided now to not get my tits done because I wouldn’t want to ruin what I’ve got. I think the only time I would get them done now is if I ended up with breast cancer and then take the opportunity of every cloud has a silver lining and get them done LOL


So if you like lovely handful sized pert real tits….then come and see me ;-P mine are pert, wobbly, with generally erect small nipples!! I love it…sometimes I get people wondering if them are real or fake…I take it as a compliment…I have the best of both worlds 😉 firm enough to look fake but nice and wobbly, soft and real.

Pami xx