Quite often I will have clients come and see me regularly for ages and then …..just suddenly disappear. If they have been coming for quite I while I tend to get quite fond of them! Obviously this is just the normal course of life though…circumstances change…tastes change…financial positions change but of course I don’t know. Especially if its an older client I worry….but it applies to anyone… I wonder if they are ok but of course..I can’t phone to find out! LOL

I know its nothing I’ve done wrong because I have had feedback before now from clients I’ve eventually had contact with and they say that they’ve been thinking of me all the time but for whatever reason…its kept them away 🙁 money worries, job worries, family problems, change in circumstance etc etc especially if I have moved to a different area, it makes it more difficult for them to factor me into their routine.

I’ve had quite a few clients re-appear lately who I haven’t seen for 3,4 and possibly 5 years. I even had one come and see me who last saw me when I 1st came down this way…almost 10 years ago!! A fella came and saw me the other day who had had serious health issues….one huge scar later and he is fighting fit healthier than ever!! I love to hear success stories like that! One of my older clients saw me once in Westbourne, had a heat attack (not because of me! LOL) then literally as soon as he was well enough to drive…was on my doorstep to see me again bless him! I think it was that thought that kept him going! 😉

A lot suddenly pop back out of the woodwork (as the saying goes) and we start having lots of naughty fun again. But I feel sad that I never get to know if they’ve had any bad health issues, if they are ok or not and of course I could never contact them anyway to find out or give my best wishes.

Unfortunately as we all know BREXIT is throwing a massive spanner in the works as we all know uuuuurrggh proper pigs ear eh!? LOL talk about put you off living life…I think we’re all loosing the will to live with this problem eh!? LOL

There were quite a few clients last year that have just not re-appeared this year! They said happy Christmas and happy new year…see you next year LOL  I just hope nothing bad happened…And I wonder….are you ok?

If you are one of those clients that haven’t been to see me because you’ve been ill …I’m thinking of you and sending you all the best wishes in the world! If you just fancied seeing someone new…that’s cool..that’s what this is all about anyway..we’re not commited, you pay you play…with whoever you like…you are welcome back whenever. Other than that if you are ok and just been busy with life …I look forward to seeing you again when you get to swing by my way 😉

Thinking of you…..

Pami xx