Sex sex sex….everything to do with sex I get to learn and know but of course every day is a school day so there is always something more for me to learn. I believe if you do a job then its worth doing well otherwise what’s the point and apart from the fact everyone can tell you can’t be bothered. I love doing what I do and I love being able to do it well…nothing more satisfying seeing a fella leave with a massive smile knowing I blew him away!

So the obvious things I get to know are the best positions to have sex and at the end of the day out of all the kamasutra of positions….the all time favourites are cow girl, reverse cowgirl, missionary (on bed and edge of bed), and of course doggie!!

I get to know your cock, the areas on your cock that give you the most satisfaction. The one thing I don’t know until I’ve seen you at least once is how quickly or not you come. Some guys might be able to have all the sucking in the world and not come until they have intercourse. Some fellas might be near coming as soon as I start to suck them! There are some fellas who find it really hard to come at all. If you are a fella who has that problem, I know its easy to say but DON’T concentrate on worrying that it might take ages but just get right into it instead….concentrate and savour every exciting moment…think about what you are doing…having sex yeeeeees….fucking a sexy female….a tight wet pussy and before you know it…you will be coming. Your mind is a very powerful tool over your cock and you have the power to change that situation but not if you worry cos your cock aint gonna do anything you want like that LOL. The reverse is true for fellas who come too quickly…you are too excited about what you are doing…you need to put the brakes on by thinking of something boring to distract your cock and slow it down.

I get to know about the pleasure of something up your arse. Sometimes my strap on gets more action than I do!! LOL  I might not see any fellas for ages who want the strap-on and then all of a sudden loads of fellas will come along one after the other wanting it!! The strap-on is for fellas who apart from the obvious (like something going up their arse), like to be dominated by a sexy female. A lot of fellas might be dominant in their normal life and just want to feel the opposite. There are some fellas who just want the sensation which is when I use my vibrator. I have a special one with a hook on the end to give you ultimate pleasure plus vibrations at the same time. A lot of fellas like this combined with having their cock sucked. I’ve been told it gives an amazing orgasm like this!

The other thing I get to know a lot about is men’s health (your cock to be more precise). There’s been a lot of talk about cancer and checking your testicles but it seems to be there are a lot of other things that can go wrong and most of you fellas don’t get to find out until you get one of these things. Prostate problems, Peyronies disease plus others that even I haven’t heard of yet. I’m not the expert on these but I do know finding out early can help you maybe stop and reverse these things. It amazes me how may fellas know nothing of these things. Really there should be a lot more information about what can go wrong and what to do to prevent a lot of these things. Luckily we seem to be in the age of more openness so hopefully everyone will start talking about these things more to give you fellas the heads up if you pardon the pun LOL.

The clinic….don’t be frightened to go…be frightened NOT to go! If you get a new partner, if you think there’s something not quite right…go! Don’t not go because your health, your crown jewels are worth looking after! Don’t risk ill health. Apparently diseases are on the increase in older people because a lot aren’t being careful enough…so don’t risk it..stay safe, be safe.

You can always ask me a sexual question when you come and see me. I can also give advice about female problems say like if your partner is having problems having sex…obviously us escorts get to go through most of the things that your partner will come across and know the solution to the problem ;-P

Kisses Pami xx