Most men who come to see me are loyal types of fellas who would rather be having sex with their partner but for whatever reason their partner can’t or wont have sex anymore. Women can go without sex easily and lucky or unlucky for you fellas whichever way you look at it…you get waaaay more out of sex than your partner does hence she ends up not wanting it and you do. She then thinks because she can go without it….her fella can too. Most women don’t understand properly that its a regular function for a man (as the saying goes men have needs) but yes definitely ….you men need to empty your balls…a physical function like eating, going to toilet and breathing…you NEED to do it….. and like being hungry for food….you get hungry for sex! But also what I have been told is that being sexually close with someone is connected to your confidence levels. So every cloud has a silver lining….you have a pleathora of escorts available to entertain you to satisfy whatever needs you have. Honourable men choose to see an escort and all credit to them because it is an honest transaction….sex for money. Both parties get what they want…no one is having the wool pulled over their eyes or being conned! Dis-honourable men have an affair with some un suspecting female generally telling them my wife doesn’t understand me…that they are going to leave them at some point bla bla bla but with absolutely no intentions. They just say what they need to get what they want. But why would you do that…..have all the hassle of getting caught out, of catching something when there are so many of us girls willing and ready to give you what you need…(SAFELY … VERY HAPPILY & NO HASSLE AFTER!) in exchange for money ;-P

Each man has his breaking point be it a year, 2, 3, or some even 6, 7, 8, or even one of my clients went 12 years before finally thinking that she doesn’t want it but he does and rolling towards the REAL life deadline aka the bucket list…. he may as well go out and satisfy himself by finding an escort to satisfy his needs. Hence finding me! (This is one of my 80’s club clients). And bless him he treats me like a girlfriend to make it more special….it makes it more exciting…I have quite a few clients who like to do that.


We are the perfect soloution! Once you have come into the world of escorts you could have sex every day of the week if your pocket allows!! All of a sudden you go from no sex to as much sex as you like! Going with an escort is like one of my clients said…having a luxurious wank! You are not really cheating because it just starts and ends when you see the escort. No messy affair…no lies…no promises you can’t or don’t want to keep…no feeling guilty…no worries of catching something (as long as you have chosen a careful escort)…just pure enjoyment!


……We are your silver lining to the cloud!!

I loooove being a silver lining! <3 <3 <3