Mistress Pamela!

Have you been a naughty boy?! On your knees on the floor …. Kiss my feet…all the way up to my stocking top….Bad boys get punished and good boys get treats!! I offer Mistress services…only mildly that is for a fun factor but nothing extreme!

Obviously the beauty of having a domination session with me is that you can get to have your cock sucked and fuck me at the end…or whenever throughout the service unlike with a domination session with a normal Mistress doing domination.

Its more for any of you who like to be made to do body worship…be my sex bitch to worship my body …or to be shown the way of what I’d like you to do to me. Or if you want to be humiliated like telling you how useless you are! Or punishment if you would like to be spanked with any of my various punishing impliments…my paddle, flogger, various whips, riding crop and a few others I don’t know the names of! LOL. Or tied and teased…hidden in my classy sexy bedroom are some hand and ankle cuffs!! I can tie you to my bed…blind fold you…then tease the life out of you!! Or maybe you’d like to be fucked by my strap-on?!  I always let you be in control of the session in as much as you can beg me to stop or beg for a particular thing you would like making me in control but then I know you get what you want out of the session! You’ll have to do a proper beg though or you won’t get what you want!!

If you’ve been a good boy…you’ll get treats! mmmm

I also have a few other bits like a pink collar and lead & a very restrictive ankle,wrist & kneck cuffs thing.


Normally each extra is £10 extra for a half hour or £20 extra for an hour

Or if you fancy a bit of everything for half hour its £100 or an hour its £150


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