Obviously me being a female there is no escape…..my body will go through all the ups and downs that all females will go through. (same as if you are a male…you will go through the choppy waters of whatever life holds for your body too) Generally we just deal with it when we get there even though we hear all sorts of things….we can never know how its going to be until we physically go through It ourselves.

So for me…. I’d heard lots of stories about the change and how it affects females in different ways but not often had I heard the upsides of going through the change (except HRT). Obviously everyone experiences it in a different way because our bodies aren’t all in the same place health wise. Some women also get very aggressive when going through the change…similar to some females get like that when starting their monthly’s (luckily I didn’t get any of the aggressive feelings either way).

Of course there are the hot sweats…well I didn’t realise it but I was having these (because I had a dairy allergy which made me sweat)  but I actually started these at roughly just gone 40! I’d heard women moan about these but they actually weren’t that bad. The worst bit I found was when I’d dried my hair after a shower and then I’d suddenly be boiling hot and it would wreck all my efforts with my hair LOL. If it was a really cold day outside…I’d looooove to stand outside in the cold LOL

The worst bit I found was more recently with the hormone levels dropping! It made me feel quite depressed, lethargic and just really not myself …oh and the absolute worst bit was not being able to sleep properly…eeek. I would wake up in the morning and not feel like doing anything and no point! I’m not the type of female to stay down for long though and I am a great believer of where there’s a will there’s a way! So initially I was on a quest to get rid of the depressed feelings…I tried all my normal routes but I the end it was st Johns wart that did the job!,I also mentioned to my doctor that I couldn’t sleep who prescribed me tablets…I call them marzipan LOL because I can never remember the proper name of them LOL. I had tried to get HRT but because I’ve got mega high blood pressure….they wouldn’t prescribe them to me 🙁 .

So not to be defeated I searched for an alternative and found this wonderful herbal oestrogen supplement call Wild Mexican Yam!! Well I can tell you this has been the best discovery so far!!! OMG this has turned my life around! It took me by surprise as I wasn’t even sure it would have much affect. Initially apart from not feeling so down and getting my mojo back…I started having wet dreams wooooowser!! mmmmm. Since then I even had a monthly show the 1st one for 12 years!!! It has made my pussy much MUCH more sensitive to touch therefore giving me back more satisfaction in the bedroom….OMG lots of lovely orgasms again. Don’t get me giving you a toy show or I may get a bit selfish mmmmmm it feels sooooo good again!!

Apart from that it is making my body even more curvier….especially my tits are getting a lot bigger!! I would go as far as to say I am feeling more feminine and hornier than I was before!! I’m loving it!!! I would definitely recommend any female to take the same route as me. I can’t really compare the Wild Mexican yam to HRT but at the end of the day to be quite honest I would rather take something herbal than medicine that has stuff in that can cause as many problems as its fixing. Then again….try and take my marzipan tabs away and I’ll fight you tooth and nail LOL. They are brilliant…a lovely deep sleep…half hour to come round and then I’m wide awake and raring to go…no drousey side effects…absolutely brilliant! Its like the sleeps when I was late teens early 20’s!

Back to the change…or rather what change LOL. I feel absolutely brilliant and better than I’ve probably felt for at least 20 years and definitely hornier than I’ve ever felt….I’m so happy! Especially as I do sex for a living…its put me in a better place to enjoy my work and to give you waaaay more enjoyment!! ;-P