I had a client see me the other day and what happened with him happens now and then with other clients.

He was being a bit impatient wanting his cock to get hard and instead of just relaxing, getting into what was going on between us, all he could do was worry about his cock not being hard and therefor cause it to not get hard.

I kept saying to him to stop worrying about it because all the time he was doing this, his cock knows he’s worrying, not excited and therefore won’t get hard. I said to him to just relax, get into what we are doing, register the sexy female in front of him with lovely tits out and get excited then hey presto his cock would be hard but it didn’t matter what I said to him, he just kept on the same path.

Its so frustrating when I know what needs to be done, I tell my client but only they can put it into action and if they don’t, they ruin their time by not getting what they want!

Its a similar effect for guys who don’t like condoms. Their brain says oh I’ve got a condom on and their cock goes soft because they are thinking that thought. They then perpetuate their hate of condoms because if they’re soft, they can’t feel much. The best way is to see the condom as your best friend and an indication you are about to have sex, hence staying hard, therefor feeling everything.

The fellas who have the most successful time are the ones who just get totally into it all, excited about what’s happening and ending up with a lovely hard cock!

So to have a successful time….Don’t worry….Relax….and enjoy!!

Playgirl Pamela