Different Photo Shoots

I love doing my photo shoots! I really look forward to them! To do them takes a lot of effort though as I have to start preparing for them quite a bit in advance. My hair, nails and makeup needs to be just right as I want to look my best but as many of you know…I am always immaculate ready and waiting to entertain you! I then line up outfits ready to do the photo shoot in (at the moment I have lots of sexy items ready and waiting!). Then its all the normal things like a shower to freshen my self as I do everyday and shave to make myself smooth in my important places, style my hair and then put my makeup on. Once that is all ready I choose my background image, set my lighting up, camera in place o tri-pod, remote control in my hand at the ready! (I prefer to do my photos myself at the moment so I take them just how I want) and then I strike the pose and shoot away!!

Not every fella likes the same kind of photos so this is why I do a wide range of types of photo shoots of different parts of my body and various stages of dressed and undressed. Plus also its very hard to choose out of my photos which angle, pose etc will be the one or ones that everyone will like (hence I sometimes seem to duplicate some pictures) so it makes it very difficult to choose…especially once I get going I end up doing approximately 80 photos easily quite a lot of the time!

So Please forgive me if some photos are not to your taste, too explicit or not explicit enough. My dad taught me that its not what you can see…its what you think you can see!! But some fellas would rather see it all! and other fellas not much at all. Some fellas even like parts of the body that no one would even think of hence I try to encompass all tastes and all parts of my body. It always helps when I get likes and comments on my pictures so I know who likes what. Thank you to all of you who have liked and commented on my photos!

I should be doing a new photo shoot very soon and am yet to choose which outfit will be next….oooo its so hard to choose…so many sexy outfits…so little time! LOL

One of my favorite VIP clients brought me a sexy bra and knicker set so that will definitely be on the list!

If there is an amazing outfit you would like to see me pictured in…you are very welcome to buy me it and bring it with you when you book to see me! Depending on what it is I could also wear it for our booking but please discuss with me when you make the booking. (Hygiene has to been taken into account. Even if I can’t wear it when you bring it for any reason…I can definitely get it ready for the next time!)

Playgirl Pamela breast crop